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// Welcome to Darkness Studios!

Welcome to the Darnkess Studios (Version 9.0). This is a personal studio featuring my art work, manga and other random stuff. There is also a store where you can grab some hand-made goodies!

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Site Opened: August 2004 / Reopened: 06 September 2005

// Site News

Last month I noticed I am finally able to join the Support Program on Tapastic~!! For as little as $1 a month you can support my manga and earn milestone rewards! Currently I have both Kira Ouji and Le Diable on Tapastic, and will add more works later on when I have enough headstart to keep a frequent update.

Visit my Tapastic support page by clicking the image below~

After many ups and downs of switching around manga hosting sites, my works are currently settled down on Tapastic and Smackjeeves. Pages will be updated weekly on Tapastic, while updates on Smackjeeves are currently slowed down to allow updates on Tapastic to catch up. I may be adding my work to more manga hosting sites later on, but for now please support me by subscribing (it's free!) on Tapastic! I am also trying to upload manga on a manga hosting site called MangaNIA. It is still in the water-testing stage so let's see how that goes.

Read Kira Ouji at:

Read Le Diable at:

// About this Layout

It has been a while since I updated the site layout, the reason being I couldn't find an image I like for the banner. I had tried a few times to draw an exclusive banner image but the attempts were in vain. This time we have changed everything to green to give it an eco feel (not). I am using the same layout and banner for the store because I don't want to make another banner. Hope it won't be too confusing...

Due to the many pages on the site I am still sticking to a table format, because a layout made up of rectangles is the easiest to code LOL It also keeps things neat and tidy and easy to find. The social media links are now moved to the left hand side in a vertical column. I am not sure if I will be having more social media sites in the future (it mostly depends on whether I can keep them updated), so a vertical column will give space to add new icons and does not mess up the layout when I make edits.

Also need to try to retrieve the blog. I used to blog about site news and stuff, but now I find it more convenient and quicker to use the Facebook page as a news page. Instead I will be using the blog to write about more detailed random stuff and things which are so random and unrelated to site news :D




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