Want a Concert at MiniComi?

Don’t you think it will be more interesting to have extra stuff at MiniComi? Do you want a concert? Or workshops? Here’s the chance to help make this happen!!

For every level you pledge to the MiniComi campaign, you will be able to get exclusive rewards from the MiniComi committee! And you will be able to enjoy all the extra stuff which you contributed to while visiting the market!

For more information and to help out, please have a look at the MiniComi campaign here!


On a side note, table registrations are still open! It is currently $55 for a full table and $35 for a half table. Head over to the Registration page and register for your table before they run out!


New MiniComi Site

Hi everyone! Welcome to the revamped MiniComi site! Sorry it took so long to force myself to update the site with the latest info… but, we are currently up to date, and here are the few announcements I want to make with the introduction of this new site.

1. Early Bird Prices are Over
March has passed, therefore we no longer offer early bird pricing for table registrations. Table costs are now $55 for full table and $35 for half table. If you want to get a table for MiniComi, fill in the registration form before spaces run out!

2. Added Contact Form
Now you can contact us directly by using the contact form in the “Contact Us” page. Please choose an appropriate subject (or “General Inquiries” for everything else) when you contact us so that we can get the right person to answer you.

3. Artists Pages are Up
The first artist page updates are now done! You can click on the “Artist” page from the menu bar above to see the whole list of artists, or hover on the “Artist” menu to see the drop down menu. I have also allowed comments on the artist pages so you can leave a note or two for your favourite artists! By the way, if you have registered for a table and your page is not up, chances are that a) You will be up the next update; b) You have not paid for your table yet; c) You have paid but the spreadsheet I got has not been updated yet. Or you can drop us an email if you have registered and paid and want to have your pages up ASAP. Also please email us for any information changes.

-Ki Hiwatari (the person to spam when something is wrong with this site)