Yes, a Concert is coming to MiniComi!

Those of you who have been following our kickstarter event may be disappointed at the turnout… but worry no more, because there will be a concert at MiniComi this year! Thank you so much to a kind band who offers to make this into a reality. More information about the band(s) will be coming in a future post, so please stay tuned!


On the other hand, I am sure many have forgotten (or unaware) that we have a Deviantart group!! Artists/sellers are welcome to submit your work samples, art or anything related to what you will be selling at MiniComi to our 2013 folder!!

Click here to go to the MiniComi DA group now.


Lastly, tables are running short. Remember to register ASAP if you are interested in getting a table!!

See you at MiniComi~

-Ki Hiwatari

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