More Artists Added

More artists added on the website. Visit the Artists page from the top menu bar to see their profiles. I may be updating for one last time next week, since we are already so close to the event (just a bit more than one week!!). Please note that only artists who have paid will have their profile up, so remember to get your payment in~! If you have applied for a table for more than 2 weeks without a reply, please kindly send us an email at minicomivancouver[@] and we shall get our treasurer to reply you.

See you at MiniComi~

-Ki Hiwatari

Registration Closing & Band Info & Gintama Short Trailer

MiniComi is drawing near, and we have decided to close table registration on 23 June 2013 (Sunday, tomorrow) at 23:59:59. If you haven’t sent in an application yet, remember to fill out the registration form before midnight tomorrow!! Just go to the Registration page from the top menu bar and follow the instructions!


Next, we are glad to announce more information on the concert after the MiniComi market! Band “Leilica” will be performing soon after the market closes at 5 pm (exact time is still to be determined). Here’s a short description of them~

To protect the world from devastation and unite all peoples within our nation — through the power of music. No, this isn’t a pair of failures and a cute cat mascot, nor is it a mecha anime. This is Leilica.

Leilica is a Japanese rock and pop cover band based in the Lower Mainland with plans to produce and release original songs in the immediate future. Descending upon Earth from a galaxy lightyears away, Leilica has come to eradicate this world of the corruption and hatred that plagues your mundane, futile existence. Wielding instruments blessed by the muses, Leilica aims to purify your souls and restore balance to your planet through the power of music. Equipped with energetic covers such as supercell’s hit single “Melt” and K-On!’s “Fuwa Fuwa Time,” Leilica is one extraterrestrial mahou shounen super sentai cover band you won’t soon forget.
Come — and let us liberate you from your wordly burdens.

Guitar – Nanoneko
Guitar/Vocals – Remy
Bass – Reiko
Drums – Krovi
Piano/Synth – Enoch
Vocals – RurutiaDariya



And lastly, the MiniComi group is preparing a Gintama short video~!! Hopefully we can finish this before the event on 6 July. Here’s our trailer if you are interested~

That’s it for today~ See you at MiniComi~

-Ki Hiwatari

Time Clarification

For those who have seen the MiniComi ad in the June 2013 issue of Klip Magazine, you will notice that the time for the market is 9 am to 5 pm. This is a mistake on our part and we are very sorry!! The market actually runs from 10 am to 5pm.

Please come at around 10 am, or perhaps you will be helping with setup and idling around if you come early? XD

Remark your calendars now!!

-Ki Hiwatari

Attention Artists! (Or those who want a table~)

Attention to all artists who have NOT yet paid for their tables~! Please submit your payment as soon as possible to secure your spots. If you have any issues with payment or any questions or have not received your invoices etc… please contact us by email at minicomivancouver @ (no spaces). Only after payment is received are you guaranteed a table at MiniComi >_Ob

On the other hand, for artists who are still deciding whether to get a table or not, our tables are running out fast! We have so few tables left (not even enough for one hand’s count I think~) so you need to act quickly! Head to our registration page (see top menu bar) and fill out the form if you wish to get a table!

See you at MiniComi! And remember to check the website nearer to the event for any last announcements!!

-Ki Hiwatari

New Video – MiniComi Photoshoot Location Guide

With MiniComi just a little bit more than a month away, we will be constantly throwing out new videos and information, so remember to check the website often!!

New to UBC? Is cosplaying but don’t know where to take photos? Our first photoshoot location guide video is out! The first chosen location is the UBC Museum of Anthropology, which is on the other side of NW Marine Drive, and pretty close to the Student Union Building where MiniComi is going to be held. Check out the video below or by clicking here.

Map and Directions

-Ki Hiwatari