MiniComi 2014 Art Contest!!

In preparation for MiniComi 2014, the VSCIA has decided to hold an art contest!! Why? Because we need advertising material for MiniComi 2014 and we need artists’ help for them! And, we will be giving out prizes for all artists whose art work we will be using!! By participating, you get the chance to win tables and other discounts at MiniComi 2014! What’s better is that the table does not have to be for your own use. You can win the table for your friend. Isn’t that a great gift?

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone! There isn’t a limit on the number of entries one can submit, but one person can only win one prize.

Submission Requirements
– Any form of art work related to MiniComi or any/all of our mascots. Our mascots are Mini (the girl with the light brownish hair, usually in twin ponytails), Komi (the guy with the light blue hair), and a hidden secret recently-introduced-if-you-have-come-to-our-table-at-AR Origami Cat~ The cat can be any colour but it takes the form of an origami in the shape of a cat.
– Size of the submission is letter-size (8.5″x11″), landscape or portrait, 300 dpi/ppi.
– Electronic or traditional work are okay. If you are submitting traditional work, please scan your work at 300 dpi/ppi.
– No sketches, but entries can be in Black & White.
– Submissions should be original design. No addition of anything that looks like copyrighted material.
– Artists must own and keep original art file/craft piece if ever we ask them for proof of their own work.

1 GRAND WINNER: A free table at MiniComi 2014
2 RUNNER-UPS: A free half table or half price off a full table at MiniComi 2014
A few other prizes if your art work is used: Discount for table registration, probably around $10 depending on our final table prizes.

How to submit
To submit your work, please email them to minicomivancouver[@] with the subject “MiniComi 2014 Art Contest” or something self-explanatory. Please include your name and contact email.

Submission deadline is February 21, 2014.


Questions? email us or post in the Facebook group.
We look forward to seeing your entries~!! Please help spread the word~