More Artists Info and Reminder

Hi everyone~!!

It is almost the end of the school term and I hope everyone is doing well 😀 This is just to let you know that the second update for artists info is done! Check out the Artist page from the top menu bar to see who will be coming to MiniComi!

As well, don’t forget discount prices for tables are ending VERY SOON, as in… 2 days!! If you want to get $10 off a full or half table, register before the end of April! Don’t miss out the chance to lower your cost 😀


Table Registrations & Artist Info

Hi again~! Just to let everyone know that table registrations for MiniComi are still open! The discount prices will end by the end of April, so act fast if you want to grab a table at the event before the price rises!

On the other hand, the first update of artist information is up on the Artists page. If you have registered for a table and have paid the fees you shall be up on the page. If you just paid recently, you will be up in the next update. Please let me know if you spot any errors on your information. Thank you!!


Sakura Days Post-event Comments

Hi hi~~

Thank you so much for coming to Sakura Days last weekend and paying a visit to the MiniComi art session on both days~!! We are glad for the turnout because there were more people than expected ^_^

Sadly it was raining quite heavily on the first day and there were less people, but the second day was really great! We hope you have had fun joining our art workshops and the event as a whole ;D

Special thanks to Piggyhoho and Ki Hiwatari (aka, me XD) for helping out with the art workshops!

And, we are even featured on the Sakura Days’ organizers blog~ (although it says “Anime Lecture” in the description… oh well.)
Read the blog post here (Japanese)

Don’t forget to come visit the MiniComi Art Market on 19 July 2014!! We look forward to seeing you there~!

And lastly, a reminder that our first tier table prices will end at the end of April! Grab a table before prices go up simply by visiting our Registration page!