Artist Updates… again!

We are sorry for the confusion caused after yesterday’s Artist page update and a few artists have informed us that their information were not on the site. It turned out that the spreadsheet I followed for the update has not been updated to the most recent transaction. More artist info has been added today, so remember to check out the page!

Please do not hesitate to contact us through email or any social media we are on if you find anything that needs edits :)


More Artists Added~!

Around 2 more months to MiniComi!! We have added another group of new artists to the Artist page! Check out who will be coming to MiniComi so you will know what you are expecting at the event and plan accordingly (eg, bring enough money because there are so many awesome things to buy *______* )

And, we are still accepting registrations if you have not gotten your table yet!

Lastly, ATTENTION ARTISTS, it’s time to start advertising so people will know you are having a table at MiniComi! Please feel free to make use of MiniComi’s different social media network to promote your products!!

Join our Facebook Group and Event Page to let people know you are coming!

Post in the 2014 Artists Works on our DA group to share your art/crafts~!!

Mention us on Twitter while tweeting about your products and we shall retweet them for you~!


1 Athletes Way

Hi everyone~

As we have announced earlier, this year the MiniComi Art Market is moving to a new venue! This new venue is not only slightly larger but a lot more beautiful. It is by the riverside and offers a lot of photoshoot locations if you are a cosplayer.

Welcome to 1 Athletes Way. Vancouver, BC~!!

It is easily accessible by public transportation, especially if you are taking the Skytrain. Get off at Main Station as soon as you see this large ball (Science World)~ Then walk or take the bus down Main Street to Olympic Village.
(Note to Skytrain commuters: Main Station will be closed to Millennium and Expo Lines through the summer. To get to Main Station, get off at Broadway/Commercial or any station west of Main Station to take the new Train2Main skytrain.)
For Canada Line people, get off at Olympic Village Station.

The new venue is guarded by large birds, so there is no way you will miss it!

Around it there are shops (and nice places for lunch hopefully <- this writer has never been to 1 Athletes Way as of this post)

And a very attractive red building at the middle of the plaza will be where our venue is located!!

If you still don’t know how to get here or my description above is that poorly written, here is a map that will help you find your way~

Any questions/comments, please contact us!
Email: minicomivancouver [@]
FB group: