Sorry for the wait~!! Events and workshops are back to MiniComi this year so as to make the event more enjoyable! Currently we have one event and one workshop confirmed, and more will be coming so stay tuned! For your convenience, we have set up an Event/Workshop page. Just click on the top menu bar to access.

The Will Box will be organizing a Cosplay Photo Walk throughout the whole day! This is open to everyone, whether you are a photographer or cosplayer. Join the crew as they walk around Olympic Village taking photos! The Will Box will also help beginners by giving tips on basic photography and model posing.

Beads and Crafts Club will be holding a beads and crafts workshop all day at their table (table number will be announced when it is finalized). Want to learn some handy crafts but don’t want to pay the fees, this workshop is perfect for you! Materials will be provided and the lessons are free!

Tiger & Bunny Movie Tickets Giveaway Event

(This is a reminder… you may have seen the latest announcements on our Facebook page and Twitter a few days ago~)

We’ll be having a contest to give away three tickets for a showing to “Tiger & Bunny: The Rising”! The rules are simple and everyone has a chance to win simply by searching for something around town.

Contest rules:

MiniComi has posted posters and postcards of our event at various locations. In order to enter, you must take a photo of the poster or postcard at the location.

1. Email us at

2.You can also post a picture on our Facebook page by replying to this post.

3. Or tweet the photo on twitter mentioning @minicomi

The entries will be entered in a draw for three winners.

Contest starts at June 20 4pm to June 24 10pm.

Tickets are valid at these locations:

Coquitlam SilverCity
June 26 7:30 pm
June 29 12:55 pm

Burnaby SilverCity Metropolis
June 26 7:30 pm
June 29 12:55 pm

International Village Cinemas
June 26 7:30 pm
June 29 12:55 pm

Richmond SilverCity
June 26 7:30 pm
June 29 12:55 pm

Good luck!

More Artists & New Sponsor

4 more artists added to the Artist info page, accessible from the top menu bar~! We are having more and more people added as the event draws near so remember to check back! It’s time to start planning how money you need to bring for all the awesome stuff at MiniComi *______*

Also, we have a new sponsor, the really awesome Copic markers. Check out their site, and if you like, get some Copic markers! Copics are so nice by stores like Opus and Michael’s sell them so expensively *cries*


Table Registration Cut-off

Hi hi~

MiniComi is coming in about 1.5 months, and our tables are starting to run low now, so if you haven’t got a table yet, it’s time to fill out the registration as soon as possible! You can do so by simply visiting the Registration page from the top menu bar, fill in the form and click “Submit”~!

Four more new artists are added to the Artist Info page. Check them out~ It seems we are going to have a variety of art and craft this year, and admission is free!! So what excuse do you have not to come to MiniComi!?

Oh, right, I have been typing things unrelated to the heading of this post… just to let everyone know that our table registration cut-off date is 30 June 2014. This is set so that we can get stuff prepared early and hopefully release the table assignment and map layout much earlier than last year! After the cut-off date we may still accept registrations, but there will only be very limited openings ;D

As for artists, we have a new rule just added to the guidelines recently. Not sure if you have read it on the registration page, but now we have a height restriction of your display of 2 metres measured from the ground level. Yes, this is for safety measures and that means no standing on chairs, standing on tables or using anything other than your hand to grab stuff that is way above your reachable height~ If you cannot reach the highest item on your display, our staff is always happy to help as long as it is within 2 m height~ ;D

See you at MiniComi~