Artist Page Update

It is less than a week to MiniComi! Are you all excited? The last artists’ information is now updated on the Artist page~!! Check them out so you can plan ahead on what to buy during the event~!

Some reminders and tips for people who are coming to MiniComi:
* Bring water! Although I think there are shops nearby, it is better to have water ready at arm length throughout the day.
* Mark down the serial numbers of all phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, iPads… whatever electronics in case they go missing!
* Looks like July 19 will be a nice day with plenty of sunshine. If you are planning to walk around outdoors, don’t forget your sun screen, sun glasses, cap or umbrella.
* Have your bus fare and lunch money stored separately from your spending money. We don’t want you to go hungry or unable to go home :(

And… sleep well the previous night. You don’t want to miss all the fun on the day of the event by being too sleepy ;D

See you at MiniComi~ 6 days counting!