Transit to MiniComi 2014

Some simple directions if you’re taking transit to MiniComi!

From Vancouver, Burnaby:

1.) Take Expo/Millenium Line to Main Street-Science World Station
*keep in mind that only Train to Main cars will stop at Main Street-Science World Station
2.) Walk to Science World then turn left (South) and follow the seawall towards the the Olympic Village

Similarly, any of the 3, 8, 19, or C23 buses to Main Street Science World Station, followed by step 2


1.) Take Millenium Line to VCC-Clark Station
2.) Take 84 UBC bus to Ontario Street
3.) Walk North for about 3-5 minutes

From Richmond/Delta:
1.) Take the Canada Line to Olympic Village Station
2.) Transfer to the 84 VCC-Clark Station, get off at Ontario St. (If you go past Main St you’ve gone a bit too far East)
3.) Walk North for about 3-5 minutes