Q&A with Breanne

So you could find out a bit more about the wonderful artists that will be at MiniComi this year, we asked some of them a few questions.

Here’s how Breanne of Darn She Can Yarn replied.
(questions are in blue)

Could you tell us a bit about who you are?

I’m a 22 year old video game fanatic, engaged to one who speaks computer and we have a corgi who is our daughter. I work at a print shop as a graphic layoutist and print production associate.

When did you start crocheting?

I started crocheting about a year and a half ago.

What is your favourite tool to use for your art?

I like to include needle felting in my crochet works.

When you improvise a pattern, how long is that process before you start crocheting?

Usually when Im improvising a pattern, it happens along the way while I’m crocheting. I dont really sit down and write out a pattern, I just use the parts of the pattern that work, and then sort of wing it after that to make the shapes I need. If it ends up not what I was looking for, I’ll start that piece over. This makes it really hard for me to do repeat dolls, I’ve found! But writing patterns seems so tedious…

Who has influenced and inspired your art?

I would say my mom and her passion with her aprons inspires me to pursue my artistic passions as well.

How important is it to have the support of your family?

My family has always been very central in my life. If I did not have their support I would be in a very different place in my life, I think. I am very close with my parents and my three siblings, my fiance and my sister’s fiance.

Do you have a friendly rivalry between your crocheting and your mother’s aprons?

I suppose we both want to do well, but I wouldn’t say it feels like a rivalry or a competition. We want each other to do really well, too. And its different because my items are generally less expensive than the aprons, so it would be hard to fairly judge. đŸ˜›

Who is your favourite fictional character by any author/designer?

It’s a very difficult decision but I will say Pikmin, by Shigeru Miyamoto.

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why?

I think I am most proud of my Chocobo doll. It has so many parts, and it even stands!

Has knitting and crocheting become part of your commute?

Sometimes, yes! I used to have to ride about an hour to get to work, so there were a few months when I definitely had a yarn ball stashed in my purse.

What are you looking forward to at MiniComi?

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of other artists’ and fans’ creations, as well as some awesome cosplay.

Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you or your art?

My mom and I can do comissions, if you have a character you want to be made into a doll or an apron, you can contact us and we can talk about it and work something out. :) Thanks for the chance to be interviewed!


To find out more about Breanne, visit her facebook page, Darn She Can Yarn
Also come to MiniComi and you’ll find out why stashing a ball of yarn in a purse is the best thing to have on a long bus ride.
She’ll be at table S16.