Q&A with Kuri

So you could find out a bit more about the wonderful artists that will be at MiniComi this year, we asked some of them a few questions.

Here’s how Kuri replied.
(questions are in blue)

Could you tell us a bit about who you are?

Well, my family and friends often refer to me as the artist whom doesn’t stop. I do think of myself as a perfectionist who won’t polish stuff down, so I create lot’s of drawings and painting that aren’t overworked. I’m pretty chill and I love to talk to people about art, drawing, toys, Star Wars, nerdy things and just about anything else (like cat videos!!).

When did you start drawing?

I remember in elementary doing some art for the school paper. I think that’s where it really stared.

What is your favourite tool to use for your art?

Gauche, Acrylics, Sai, Photoshop, my pencil/pen. Nothing special…. oh and GLITTER!

Do you feel that working with a variety of media has allowed you to try more things and express your creativity?

When people walk up to my table at conventions they only see a small part of stuff I work on. I aim to have lot’s of mix media items because that’s what I look for in other artists. I think if only drew, I wouldn’t be still drawing today. At Emily Carr, I had a few teachers tell me the same thing. If you’re stuck or bored, try it a different medium, then try another. Eventually it’ll work and you can move on. The BIG problem with digital artists today, the art is too stiff. Too polished. It’s almost like they would never be able to paint the same thing with real paint. That blows my mind.

Who has influenced and inspired your art?

A lot of people see other artists in my work, but I was influenced from Joan Walsh Anglund in 2002. Her books are hard to find (I found it at the thrift store then) but there is quite a few images on-line of her work. Simple characters and just round eyes. Her characters don’t have mouths, mine didn’t either until I started a comic. Then there are the adaptation artists like Pendleton Ward, Scott Campbell, Natasha Allegri and Bwana Spoons (and more and more I’m sure). I get inspired all the time and since I have original characters, they’re changing all the time. My childhood as well got me a good start, I watched Ducktales, Sailor Moon, Darkwing Duck, Reboot, AstroBoy, He-Man, Star Wars and so much more.

The other side of my art is the toy painting, here I can list even more artists and creators but, I love a lot of classic toys and characters and combine them with what I love, which is bright awesome colours.

Who is your favourite fictional character by any author/designer?

Donald Duck by Walt Disney (as well as other artists like Carl Barks). I love the old Dell comics and movies of this guy. :3

What type of art currently fascinates you?

I think anything different, I never want to buy or read something I’ve already read. So when I’m looking around I like to see something new and if it’s working.

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why?

It might be something I’m working on now. I’m creating a children’s book which might be done by the end of summer. It’s about Kuri and Cake and one of their adventures written by my author Ashley Kerman, whom sadly won’t be attending. I might have some preview pictures at MiniComi to share and maybe info about the kick starter coming up for it.
I feel that this book is going to be pretty fun, it’s full of jokes and small gags, I can’t wait to see this finished.

Which was the most challenging and how?

Finding time. D:

What are you looking forward to at MiniComi?

I always get excited for events like this because I’m always meeting new people. Last year I met a girl from Japan, she shared my art when she got home. She’s been a great fan and often asks about what I’m doing. People who reach out are always so welcoming and really make us keep going. As artists, we don’t want to boast about our works but we can’t just cower either so I love it when fans show an interest or just hang out at the table spending the time to look at things.

Do you feel the Richmond artist meetups have helped you grow as an artist?

Meet-ups, at least in the anime community have been going on since 2003 for me. I have found it extremely encouraging to go to them. Sometimes even if we don’t get a lot of drawing done we get some good ideas, see what everyone is working on and cheer them on. We are a bunch who love people of all styles and levels, even my author attends some of these events to get creative with us. Since it’s only once a month and not mandatory, it’s pretty chill and a nice escape from the studio. lol

Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you or your art?

Not really but I always have tricks and tips for artists and things to share for the MiniComi art collectors. Stop by and chat, we like it when you do that. Omg that rhymes!

See you all at MiniComi! :’D


To find out more about Kuri, visit her website, http://krystallord.daportfolio.com/ or her deviantArt page kuri
Also come to Minicomi and discover all the tips she has for artists and chat with her about everything
She’ll be at table D7.