Q&A with Piggy Ho Ho

So you could find out a bit more about the wonderful artists that will be at MiniComi this year, we asked some of them a few questions.

Here’s how Piggy Ho Ho of Whut*Nani? replied.
(questions are in blue)

Could you tell us a bit about who you are?

Piggy Ho Ho, engineer by day, BL artist by night +(= =)

When did you start drawing?

Ever since I can hold a pencil.

What is your favourite tool to use for your art?

My brain…doesn’t matter what tools you use, you really have to think your process through to create good art.

Who has influenced and inspired your art?

All the anime series! Especially Sailor Moon, Ranma and Cardcaptor Sakura. I drew tons of those as a kid.

Who is your favourite fictional character by any author/designer?

Li Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura!! :) My love for him will never fade…

What type of art currently fascinates you?

Anything I can’t do 😛

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why?

My Zelda ones, I generally spend the most time on them for some reason. Zelda is a grand game you can’t do it injustice. 😛

Which was the most challenging and how?

Anything with cityscapes…totally due to lack of practice…

What are you looking forward to at MiniComi?

All the other cool prints and goodies and hope to learn a thing or two from them! And hopefully one or two people who would say they’ve read the doujin or comic I work so had on so I would know all my sweat, blood and tears are not in vain… D:

How has the dynamic between you and Snakey Ho Ho helped you both develop as artists?

Every time I see her draw I would think “uh-oh I better do so too or she’ll get more practice than I do =A=”

Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you or your art?

If you’re 18 and over and like BL go download our free webcomic Whut*Nani!! 😀


To find out more about Piggy Ho Ho and Whut*Nani?, visit her website, http://whutnani.ga/
or come to Minicomi to meet her, chat, and/or buy some of her art work
She’ll be at table F6.