Artist Introduction – Marie (Medusa Illustration)


Marie here, or you may know me on the world wide web as Medusa Illustration. I am a local Vancouver traditional artist who has a weak spot for fanart. I have always been in love with everything culture related, and thought why not combine fine art with fanart, So here I am. I have a few styles I work with, but I am mostly known for my semi realistic portraiture and vibrant watercolours. Although I do design tattoo’s and other commissions with my own unique flare.  This year I have a wide assortment of 20+ prints including things like Doctor who, Hannibal, Supernatural, Transformers, Legend of Zelda, Avatar, Marvel & Others.

To see all the things I am working on you can follow me on:


Is this your first Minicomi?

Yes in fact this is my first Minicomi! I always kept putting off getting a table because I always felt like I didn’t have enough art work to show. And like so many other artist, we tend to forget deadlines are a thing. This year I am ready to roll though!

Are you a professional?

Wow – I actually get to say out loud to the world “ I am a professional artist”. Everything in my life is related to art.  I recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and am now on my way to becoming a tattoo artist.  I also am an Instructor at the Shadbolt Center for the Arts, so if any of my student see me, come say hello!

What’s your favourite piece at the moment?

Oh that’s tough, It would have to be my Winter Solider Painting, It just came out so dramatic looking.

What is a piece of advice you could give to newbies?

Alright listen up buds, stop comparing yourself to other artists. I know it’s hard to do, and It even sounds a little clique. Keep doing what you are doing, and develop it. As you change, your art will too. That is A-ok friend, don’t worry about it.

What is your favourite food?

To be honest -I like anything that will probably  give me a heart attack in 30 years or diabetes, or both? Both is good.  My main weakness are those thin minty girl guide cookies that they sell once a year. I can eat an entire box alone, in about 24 hours. And that’s with me trying to resist them.

See you all at Minicomi 2016.