Artist Introduction – Asami (NEKO Planetarium)


My name is Asami Hopkins. I’m Japanese, living in Canada.I usually work digitally but I like traditional art work and also I like making resin jewellery stuff recently!

How did you start making art / doing what you do? When did you start?

I start drawing digitally about 8 years ago, after I moved to Canada.and I start join convention stuff, 3 years ago.before that, I just enjoyed doodle on paper in Japan.So “moved to Canada” was big turning point for me”laugh” I met new people here, and got many artist friends :)

Is this your first Minicomi?

No. this is second time to join minicomi! I really like this event :)

What are your favourite tools/programs to use to create your pieces?

Recently, I really enjoying work used watercolour :)

Who / what inspires you?

CATS!(*´з`) I have three cats,they always give me idea for my art work!

Did you take classes or are you self taught?

I’ve never go to art school. I learned myself.

What can you not live without?

CATS!(*‘ω’*)NO CATS NO LIFE!(∩´∀`)∩

This is second time to join Minicomi, and Im really happy could join :) At the convention, always can meet new people who loves arts/anime, its really fun :) So Im really looking forward to see all you guys, and enjoy one big day of 2016 summer!

Check out Asami here;