Artist Page is Up

I did not do most of the updating this time (too much overtime at my real work) but the artist page is now live (thank you president :D). If you are an artist at MiniComi this year, please check that your artist information is correct.

There were quite some issues trying to get everyone’s images linked. All those who has not submitted an image or if your image does not work an Origami Cat placeholder is used.

The major reasons for your image not working is as follows:
– The link does not work (a few tinyurls resulted in error)
– The image was already removed when I tried to access it
– Those who have submitted images not in the right size as requested are automatically resized to 100 x 100 px by website code, so there are chances the resized image may not look as nice as your original image.
– TIF files do not work in links. I have re-saved your image to JPG by default.

If you wish to edit your information or image, please email them to me directly to the email below. Please include your Table number as shown on the artist page for easier looking you up. It is recommended to use sites which allow direct linking (such as when you submit the images to make things easier 😀


Art Contest is Open!

Head over to the Mascot Contest page from the top menu bar now, for the MiniComi 2016 art contest is open! All you have to do is to draw our mascots and the winners will receive a free full or half table at MiniComi 2016! We welcome all kinds of art mediums. Deadline is in around a month so there’s something you can do during the Winter break~

Click on the top menu bar or click here to go to the Art Contest page.

Interview with Gabriel Gamboa

Wondering who is the artist behind our colourful and awesome postcard ad? MiniComi brings you an exclusive interview with our art contest grand winner – Gabriel Gamboa! Learn about Gabriel and his art while he shares his experiences. You will also be able to support him at Potato Friendship Society which will be at MiniComi 2015!

Performers/Instructors Needed!

Hello everyone!

Interested in performing at MiniComi? Singing, dancing or a show? Or perhaps you would like to share your skills by helping out in a workshop? MiniComi is calling for sign-ups for this year’s entertainment lineup! Anything that ranges from live art/crafts/photography demos and tutorials, as well as music are welcome!

If you are interested, please email us at for details. Please note that you may be asked for work samples or demos.

Table Registrations are Open!!

As the title of this post says, table registrations are now open! Head over to the Registration page from the top menu bar, read the guidelines, liability waver form and contract and fill out the registration form to send in a table registration! The first tier prices cut off in two months, so register early!

As of this year, we won’t be having the cash payment option for online registrations. We will only be accepting PayPal or credit cards. However, MiniComi will have a table at the up-coming J-Fest on March 7, 2015. You will be able to register for a table in person at J-Fest and pay in cash when you register.

Annual General Meeting

Hi all,

The MiniComi Annual General Meeting will be held on 28 February, 2015 at 4:00 pm in the cafeteria in Langara College. Please feel free to join us at the meeting and let us know of any comments/suggestions you may have of MiniComi!

Even if you don’t have suggestions, you are welcome to show up and chat with us!


Art Contest is ON!

Calling all artists!! Today starts the 2014 MiniComi Art Contest~!! Aren’t you excited? Winners will get the chance to have their work featured on MiniComi promotional items, and you will also get free tables to sell stuff too! Even if you are not using the tables yourself you can gift it to a friend~

Who can participate?
Anyone as long as you are interested!

Submission Requirements
Please read the following rules carefully. Entries that do not follow the rules will not be able to win.
1. Topic is free! As long as it contains our mascots: Mini (light brown twin-ponytail girl), Komi (light blue haired guy) and Origami Cat (no set colours and appearance, as long as it looks like an origami in the form of a cat).
2. Size requirements: minimum 8.5″x11″, maximum 11″x17″, 300 dpi/ppi.
3. Entries must be finished. No sketches are allowed. It can be black and white or coloured.
4. You must own the artwork you submit. Artists may be asked to provide proof (eg. the layered file) that the work is yours.
5. You are automatically disqualified if fanart of any copyright material is submitted.
6. Both electronic and traditional submission are accepted. For traditional work, please scan them at 300 dpi/ppi.
7. There is no limit to the number of entries you can enter, but each artist can only win once.

1 GRAND WINNER: A FREE FULL table at MiniComi 2015.
2 RUNNER-UPS: A free half table or half price off a full table at MiniComi 2015.

There may be minor prices if you did not win the top prizes but your art work is used. Artists will be notified if that’s the case.

How to submit
To submit your work, please email them to minicomivancouver[@] with the subject “MiniComi 2015 Art Contest” or something self-explanatory. Please include your name and contact email.

Submission deadline is January 15, 2015. Now you have the whole Christmas holidays to work on this XD


Questions? email us or post in the Facebook group.
We look forward to seeing your entries~!! Please help spread the word~

Naruto Movie Tickets Giveaway Contest!

We have a contest!

The wonderful people at Eleven Arts have tickets for us to give away for Road to Ninja – Naruto the Movie on Sept 7 or 11th at local select theatres.

(Listed here

To enter,

Like or comment on our Facebook page post:

Or retweet either posts on Twitter:

Bonus entry if you comment with a drawing of one of the village symbols or tweet @Minicomi with a drawing of one of the village symbols!