MiniComi 2017 Wrap-Up

MiniComi 2017 was a big success! Thank you to everyone who tabled, attended, and helped out – the event would not have been possible without you.

IMG_9428 editMiniComi kicked off with a great start – set up and check-ins were smooth, and the weather was thankfully kind to us.

IMG_9434Artists really stepped it up this year! There were a brilliant variety of items for sale, making a walk down the aisles filled with surprises. Not only were there countless beautiful prints of all styles, artists even brought comics, candles, homemade soap, crochet plushies, tea, accessories, and ice cream sandwiches.

Check out the slideshow below for pictures of some of our talented artists (info about them can be found here):

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Here’s a photo of one of our contest winners, Jessica! (obscurecardboardbox)

contest winnerMeanwhile, UBC Beads and Crafts hosted a very popular free charm-making activity. A full photo album of charms made at their table can be found here.

IMG_9442A couple of our other community partners also showed up at the event. Thanks UBC Anime Club, SFU Summerfest, and Anime Evolution for joining in on the fun!

IMG_9421 IMG_9373We caught up with a couple of impressive cosplayers as well. See the gallery below:

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The competition for our draw prizes was fierce, but three lucky winners walked away smiling today. Thank you everyone for participating!

IMG_9439 edit2We hope you enjoyed MiniComi 2017. If you missed it, no worries – come by next year! See you at MiniComi 2018!

*We will also be tabling at various events in the summer accepting feedback about this year’s event and ideas for future events. Come by and say hello!

If you would like your photo removed from this post, please send us an email at minicomivancouver[@] or a message to our social media accounts.

MiniComi is just around the corner!

A couple of important updates for the event!

Table layout has been finalized:

MiniComi 2017 Final Layout

Draw prizes:

1) Something Crafty: Various colours of Sculpey clay, blank canvases, and a Paint Your Own Phone Case set.

2) Something Sweet: An adorable Rilakkuma stationery and pencil case set, with a cheerful yellow journal.

3) Something Artsy: Faber-Castell pencil crayons, with a portable sketchbook and pencil case to draw on the go.

mc--prize1 mc--prize2mc--prize3

Raffles for each set will be held throughout the afternoon. Simply pick up free sticker cards at the info booth, earn stickers with your purchases, and drop off completed cards into the draw box of the prize you want to win.

Artist Info:

We’ve updated our Artists page with profiles of everyone selling at MiniComi 2017.

See you at MiniComi 2017!


Regarding Registrations

Due to overwhelming interest, we are now at full capacity and have a very long waitlist! Please note that any new registrations from this point on will be unlikely to get a table, but we urge you to try again next year!

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and we hope you’ll come by and support your fellow artists.

Updates on Art Contest and Registration

Our art contest deadline has passed. Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry. We look forward to making a very difficult decision.

Early bird registration has also passed, all new registrants will be subject to the After January 31st, 2017 rate. Thank you to everyone that has registered.

Registration is Open!!


Reminder that we’ll be giving an Early Bird discount until January 31st!

Please be sure to give the whole page a read, including the waiver and contract PDFs, before registering. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


mc 2017 announcement small

☆Event Location and Time☆

We will be hosting MiniComi 2017 at the same venue as our previous event at 1 Athletes Way.
The event will take place on Saturday, July 8th from 10am to 5pm.

☆Table Registration Opens Jan 16th☆

Sign up through our registration page! We will be offering an Early Bird deal until Jan 31st so get your registration in early!

☆Art Contest Ends Jan 31st☆

Get your entries in and your art could be featured on our promotional material, while you receive table space for free! Details here:

Our 2017 Art Contest is now live!

As usual, we’ll be hosting our annual art contest for MiniComi 2017!

Help us promote our event with your amazing artwork, and in return you’ll receive free table space for you or a friend.

Rules and specifications can be found on our 2017 Art Contest page, which can be accessed above.

The deadline is January 31, 2017. Good luck!

Event Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who came to participate in MiniComi – whether it was the artists, the attendees, the volunteers, or the staff. We hope you enjoyed MiniComi 2016, and we hope to see you next year!

To help make our next event just as successful (or more!) we would love it if you took the time to fill out this survey:
Questions are completely optional, so you can pick and choose what you would liked to answer. This would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you again!


Artist Introduction – Susy Hsi (Liansa of MRART)


Greetings everyone! My name is Susy Hsi, also known as Liansa in the art community. I draw digital art with a small Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet. I am part of a trio team called MRART with ayeru and reincarnationz. We each come from different schools which keeps our designs fun and refreshing. I graduated from SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology.


How did you start making art / doing what you do? When did you start?

I started drawing during the end of elementary school by copying Pokemon cards and anime screenshots. In 2009, I played with the Graffiti app on facebook by drawing digital art with a mouse for hours after school. My older sister noticed I was obsessed with this and decided to buy me a Wacom tablet for my birthday. I still use it to this day. <3

Do you apply your art to another aspect of life? Has art helped you in surprising ways?

Art has helped me connect with my closest friends. Sharing a passion with them and starting a business around art and anime has been amazing because the community continues to be fun and interesting every year.

How did you come up with your artist name?

I like snails. I have always liked the idea of living life at your own pace, no matter how slow or small your pace is. Sounds random and unrelated but try reading my artist name backwards. :)

How long on average do you spend on one of your works?

For posters, it takes around 15 hours to complete. Smaller things like keychains and buttons take around 3 hours. It usually depends on the size and resolution of the file.

Fun question: What can you not live without?

Definitely sugar. Anything sweet generally makes me happy. I enjoy drinking bubble tea as I draw.

Feel free to visit MRART and chat with us about anime and fun stuff at our table. We appreciate all the support we get. Have a great summer!