2017 Art Contest

— Contest is closed for 2017. —

VSCIA is looking for promotional art for MiniComi 2017!

Contest period: November 5, 2016 to January 31, 2017

If you’d like to see your art on our postcards, posters, or social media, while winning free table space at our 2017 event, then we welcome you to participate in our annual art contest! Show us how you think MiniComi 2017 should be represented, and we’ll pick our favourites to show off!

To get an idea, here are the winners from 2016:


Grand Prize Winner – Susy Hsi


Runner up – teasomething

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone! There isn’t a limit on the number of entries one can submit, but one person can only win one prize.

Submission Requirements
– Artwork should be related to MiniComi and as many of our mascots as you’d like.
Our mascots are Mini (the girl with the light brownish hair, usually in twin ponytails), Komi (the guy with the light blue hair), and our Origami Cat (which can be any colour).
– Size of the submission is minimum letter-size (8.5″x11″), landscape or portrait, 300 dpi/ppi.
– Digital or traditional artwork are both fine. If you are submitting traditional work, please scan your work at minimum 300 dpi/ppi.
– No sketches, but entries can be in black & white.
– Submissions should be your original design. It should not include anything that looks like copyrighted material.
– Artists must own and keep their original art file/craft piece as proof of their own work.
– Make sure there’s space to include event information! We may ask you to do this for us later.
– Feel free to include your name / artist alias on your artwork.

1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: A free table at MiniComi 2017
1 RUNNER-UP: A free half table or half price off a full table at MiniComi 2017

You do not have to claim the prize for yourself – you can gift them to a friend if you would like!

How to submit
To submit your work, please email them to minicomivancouver[@]gmail.com with the subject “MiniComi 2017 Art Contest” or something self-explanatory. Please include your name and contact email.

Submission deadline is January 31, 2017, 23:59:59.


Questions? Email us or post in the Facebook group.
We look forward to seeing your entries~!! Please help spread the word!