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Email: Ki.Hiwatari[@]gmail.com
This item has been discontinued.

// Clay Charm Straps

3D charms hand-made from clay and painted. Includes a colourful little bell and a cell phone strap, chosen from 5 colours: pink, purple, red, yellow, black. Nothing can be as unique as these hand-made charms~

// Prices

All phone straps: USD$3.5/ea, USD$6 for 2
Shipping is EXCLUDED on all prices.

// Catalogue


Hibird from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!! Although this Hibird cannot sing the Narimori Middle School school song, you can't help but bring it out with you wherever you go~

Blue Hibird

A darker version of the normal hibird. Doesn't it give off a dark vibe?

Red Octopus

Octopus~~ That’s what you eat in takoyaki… oh wait, not exactly with that smiling face~

Purple Octopus

Same as the above but it comes in lavender purple~ Isn't purple a really nice colour~?

Mario Star

Mario Star~ It will accompany you everywhere if you tie it to your favourite bag~

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