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Email: Ki.Hiwatari[@]gmail.com


It is believed that dream catchers have magical powers which will catch your bad dreams when you sleep, leaving you with nice and happy dreams. We have modified the traditional dream catchers to ones that suit more to anime and manga fans. Now with a charm of your favourite character with the catcher, your dreams are bound to be good :D We do not guarantee good dreams every day though XD

Customize your own by following the three easy steps below! The only things you cannot choose are that all dream catchers come with a white web with silver linings, and a white feather.

There is no extra charge for customized catchers as below. However, if you want a character we do not currently have it will be considered as a commission.

// Prices

USD$8/ea or USD$15 for two.
Shipping excluded.

// Customized Catchers

Step 1: Choose your catcher's main colour.

Step 2: Choose your character.
All character designs under our mini charms page are available for dream catchers.

Step 3: Choose your pattern to be hung from the catcher.

// Samples

Free! - Nanase Haruka

Free! - Matsuoka Rin

Free! - Tachibana Makoto

Free! - Hazuki Nagisa

Free! - Ryugasaki Rei

Free! - Yamazaki Sosuke

Haikyuu!! - Hinata Shoyo

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