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Email: Ki.Hiwatari[@]gmail.com


Coin purses for you to store your loose change or anything you would like to put in. They are measured 4.5" x 3" and are printed colour double-sided. Now you can keep your small items organized with these pouches~

// Prices

Add USD$5 to get an acrylic charm that goes nicely with your purse!
Shipping is EXCLUDED on all prices.

// Catalogue

1. Kuroko no Basuke - Kuroko - sold out
2. Kuroko no Basuke - Midorima

3. Free! - Group Image
4. Free! - Haruka & Makoto (different images both sides) - sold out
5. Free! - Rei & Nagisa (diff. images both sides)
6. Free! - Rin & Sosuke (diff. images both sides) - sold out

7. Yowapeda - Sohoku
8. Yowapeda - Hakone

9. Haikyuu!! - Karasuno

10. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Kawori & Kousei (diff. images both sides)

11. Fairy Tail - Natsu & Gray
12. Fairy Tail - Erza & Jellal
13. Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright
14. Ace Attorney - Miles Edgeworth

15. Aoharu x Kikanjuu - Hoshishiro (diff. images both sides)
16. Aoharu x Kikanjuu - Toy Gun Gun (diff. images both sides)

17. Sword Art Online - Kirito
18. Sword Art Online - Asuna

19. Boku no Hero Academia

20. Bungo Stray Dogs - Atsushi & Akutagawa (diff. images both sides)
21. Bungo Stray Dogs - Dazai
22. Bungo Stray Dogs - Chuya- sold out
23. Bungo Stray Dogs - Dazai & Fyodor (diff. images both sides)- sold out

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