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Email: Ki.Hiwatari[@]gmail.com

// Coloured Art Prints

-- Commissions available -- Art prints are only available in colour. We have two different sizes: letter-size (8.5"x11") and photo-size (4"x6"). Letter-size art can be printed in either normal paper or cardstock, and photo-size art are available on cardstock only.

Letter-size prints:

Photo-size prints:

// Prices

Letter-size on 28lb normal paper: USD$3/ea
Letter-size on gloss cardstock: USD$5/ea, USD$8 for 2
Photo-size on gloss cardstock: USD$2/ea, USD$5 for 3
Shipping is EXCLUDED on all prices.

// Commissions

Please visit the Art Commissions page for more info.

// Catalogue

Note: If you see any other images on any of my art sites which you would like to get as a print, please send me an email at Ki.Hiwatari@gmail.com. This catalogue does not cover everything I have~

Print 01

Print 02

Print 03

Print 04

Print 05

Print 06

Print 07

Print 08

Print 09

Print 10

Print 11

Print 12

Print 13

Print 14

Print 15

Print 16

Print 17

Print 18

Print 19

Print 20 (4x6 only)

Print 21 (4x6 only)

Print 22 (4x6 only)

Print 23 (4x6 only)

Print 24 (4x6 only)

Print 25 (4x6 only)

Print 26 (4x6 only)


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